The ACR Program

The Objective of the Attorneys Creative Roundtable is to help each participant plot out a revolutionary entrepreneurial approach to our future – one that completely bypasses bureaucratic dependencies and restrictions.

We meet and act as a PEER ADVISORY GROUP that will allow us to talk confidentially about individual problems and opportunities and to help one another work out actionable strategies to address those problems and opportunities.

Are you a thought leader?  The Group must consist of attorneys who are capable of thinking through problems for themselves and for others.  Are you asking yourself what you want to accomplish from these sessions?

Participants must be:

–     Committed to excellence in the practice of law;

–     Seeking to maximize their earnings from the practice of law;

–     Solo practitioners or principals of small firms;

–     From various disciplines and from a broad geographical area;

–     Willing to adapt to the changes in our lives and practices;

–     Willing to share with each other what works best in our own practices;

–     Willing to be candid and open themselves up to the group.

Our goal is bring in attorneys to participate from a broad geographic area and from different disciplines to avoid competition amongst participants and to stimulate ideas from across the country.

Goals of the Attorneys Creative Roundtable:

–     To assess dangers and obstacles and find opportunities to mitigate them;

–     To share ideas with other practitioners and deepen our understanding of the broader issues which we face in the business of law;

–     To anticipate, adapt and plan for changes in the practice of business of law;

–     To assist each other in the application of new ideas and concepts;

–     To take each other to a new level of understanding and open up new possibilities and opportunities for each member’s future in their respective practices;

–     To assist each other in the application of the concepts developed for each practice.

We will discuss:

–     Problems and Opportunities in the Current Economy;

–     Developing a marketing plan in the new economy;

–     Creation of a Strategic Business Plan

–     The Shrinking Middle Class and the Resulting Shrinking Middle Class Market for Legal Services;

–     Adapting the Practice to the Age of Tort Reform;

–     Ethical Restrictions in a Changing Technology;

–     Changing Technologies and their effects on the Practice;

–     Commoditization of the Legal Practice.

Call to Action: 

If you want to adapt to the demands of the 21st Century, and would like to join a peer advisory group dedicated to helping you adapt to the changes in the practice of law, confirm your interest by emailing George Bellas ( and by expressing your interest in the Attorneys Creative Roundtable