The Participants

If you believe the Group described here would benefit you, and would benefit from you, here’s what you need to do. Confirm your interest in this program by emailing George Bellas and by committing to attend four sessions during the next year.

Everything flows, nothing stands still. (Plato)

Nothing endures but change. (Laertius)

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.(Maya Angelou)

It is only the wisest and the stupidest that do not change. (Confucius)

Who is the best candidate for the Attorneys Creative Roundtable?

Participants MUST be:

  • Committed to excellence in the practice of law
  • Seeking to maximize their earnings from the practice of law
  • Solo practitioners or principals of small firms
  • From various disciplines and from a broad geographical area
  • Willing to adapt to the changes in our lives and practices
  • Willing to share with each other what works best in our own practices
  • Willing to be candid and open themselves up to the group

In Short:

Attorneys seeking creative solutions to challenges in the business of law!

“The meetings provide an opportunity to build relationships with Attorneys with whom I would have never had a connection absent our group. Our open and honest discussion format contributes greatly to our learning from one another on how to expand our practices.”
Dave Schlueter, ACR Participant


“For almost ten years I have observed that the practice of law has been changing, especially for those who do plaintiffs’ work however I have noticed similar changes occurring on the defense side as well.  With the advent of the internet and the penetration of our practice by more and more advanced technologies and the increasing numbers of lawyers looking for work, the quality and number of cases that are available to work on has decreased significantly.  Even though these trends were occurring before the great recession of 2009, I do believe that it was the tipping point.  From then on, the changes that were gradually occurring started to cascade resulting in the dislocation of a number of lawyers and the disruption of the traditional trial practice of law.  These changes are only accelerating and those of us who do not adapt their practices will experience extreme difficulty in the future.

The Attorneys Creative Roundtable (ACR), the brain child of George Bellas, was created to identify and hopefully address these changes.  As a member of the very first ACR group in Chicago I discovered that the changes I had noticed were not just limited to trial practice.  Lawyers in our group who practice in all kinds of areas of the law were experiencing similar changes in their practice.  Through these meetings we were able to clearly identify the problems and then start to construct creative solutions to address these issues.  The meetings and the discussions afterwards via the internet were extremely stimulating and thought provoking.  My practice has directly changed as a result of my involvement with ACR and I highly recommend it to anyone with the courage to make the changes necessary to be successful in the practice of law in the 21st Century.”

Robert Palmer ACR Participant

“George is a long-time colleague with whom I have shared many great discussions about strategy in lawsuits in which we had clients with common interests. When I learned George was involved in establishing the Attorney Creative Roundtable, I asked to participate. As I expected, George and his colleagues were masterful in provoking thoughtful examination of my practice and its goals. I particularly enjoyed the disparate background and experiences of the attorneys in the group. It made me “think outside the box” of my own practice. I think the world of George and his Creative Roundtable.”
Randy Barnhart  ACR Participant



Andy Rockwood, Rock Solid Business Development